98.92% for 2011

As you well know by now I keep track of my shots whenever I workout or do a shooting lecture or motivational talk. This keeps me from getting bored and most of all it gives vital information as to whether or not I’m getting better. My goal is to make 99% of my shots during my lectures. This past year I came up a little short. During my lectures in 2011 I shot 23,263 shots and made 23,012 for a percentage of 98.92%. From beyond the arc I made 660 out of 722 or 91.41%. I need to work harder and focus more. Until you can swish every shot there is always room for improvement. Looking forward to the new year and becoming a better Christian, husband and father. There is always room for improvement as a player but even more so as a person. The opportunities are endless. Started the year off on new year’s day with a new record I made 16-17 NBA 3 pointers from 23′ 9″ in one minute with one passer and one ball. Made my first 16 before rushing the 17th, turns out I had plenty of time. Gives me something to shoot for later in the year. If you want you can check it out below on the last post. Can’t thank Mike Stevens enough for his friendship, ideas, use of his facility etc.. I could go on all day about my friend. Let’s just say he is a GREAT guy. Also would like to thank Matt Stevens for passing the ball to me and last but not least thanks to Bill Hughes for filming the new record. After 23 years of doing camps, clinics and working out players I’m still excited to get in the gym. Everyone always asks me ” who do you like working out the most?” I always answer with “whoever is interested in listening and learning and working hard.” It doesn’t matter whether the player is 10 years old or a 10 year NBA veteran. Start your new year off with setting goals, write them where you will see them often every day. Record your progress and you will be on your way to reaching them. As far as shooting goes make sure you purchase my app iHopla available on iTunes and the Droid Market. Makes charting your shots simple. Prizes each month to the player that makes the most shots on the phone app. You must send me your daily workout numbers. Also new this year when joining my Shooters Club, I will personally call you and go over every detail of your shot, this is in addition to a written evaluation and breakdown of your shot. This year I will also be recording some of my workouts, posting them on FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter and on my website. Thanks again to my loyal followers and any new followers. Don’t be afraid of hard work. Have a great, happy, healthy new year. Praise the Lord for another day, praise the Lord everyday!

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