Basketball without Borders

Here in Japan with a great group of coaches, players, ex players and a great staff from the NBA offices. On Tuesday we all went to the site where the tsunami hit last year. It is really hard to comprehend just how powerful the ocean can be and how large the waves were. The devastation and damage that the tsunami caused is still very visible to this day. I’m sure for most people the damage is permanent as many have lost loved ones, friends, homes and everything that they owned. After being at the beach we went and did a clinic for the kids at a local school. The kids were so excited to see us and in everything that they did. At the school everything was so neat and in place. The Japanese are very proud, respectful and honorable people. We need more of that in the states. On Wednesday headed over to the gym and got to watch game one of the NBA Finals. It was great to see some of the game. The NBA Basketball without Borders people run an unbelievable event. The staff is the best and they are so helpful with everything. I cannot thank them enough. This is my third event with them and they always go above and beyond their call to make things easy for all of us. Yesterday the camp opened up with media day, afterwards it was time to get into the gym and do some station work. After lunch it was time to see the kids play and do player evaluations. In the evening it was time for the draft. There are some big kids here at camp from all over the place. Will keep you posted as to what happens in the next few days. All I know is that it is a day closer to getting home and seeing my family.

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