It is hard to believe that March 1st is a couple of days away. This means that most High School teams and players are thru playing as well as most colleges. The question I ask you is ¬†“what are you going to do to get better?” In order to improve you need a plan and then you need to put the plan into action. Everyone can improve and get better if they are dedicated and if they stay focused on their goals. Make goals, write them down and keep them where you will see them all of the time. I put mine on the bathroom mirror so I saw them first thing in the morning and the last thing before going to bed. A constant reminder of what I wanted to do and needed to improve on.. By writing them down you are taking the first step. Keep a journal, what did you do during your workout, what drills, how many shots did you take and make. Challenge yourself, set goals each and every workout. By tracking and charting your shots, you can see your improvement and when you see yourself getting better, you gain confidence and confidence leads to success. When you see yourself improving then you want to practice more. You cant just play a 100 games in AAU and expect to improve your shot or ballhandling. You have to put in the lonely hours. Instead of just playing games all summer you need to improve your skill level and you do that by drilling. Repetition is the key, “perfect practice make perfect.” You need to go to camp. I have several camps and the kids all improve by the end of the week. I have two weeks of boys camp in the Pocono Mountains and a week of girls as well. For info on the camp go to ¬†Then for all you college players I have a college camp at Haverford College. Register now, space is limited. College camp will be open to girls if I get a minimum of six players. Info on my camp page. If you pay in full for the college camp by the end of March you can take $100 off of the camp price. Another way to improve is by joining my shooters club info also on my website. If you join before the end of March the cost of the shooters club will be $149 a savings of $50. Keep track of your shots with my iHopla app available on iTunes or the Droid Market. Go to camp, join the club, keep track of your shots, get better. Take care and God Bless.

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