The best story of the year by far in all of basketball has to be the emergence of Jeremy Lin. The reason it is a great story is that he is a young man of faith, a Christian. The Tim Tebow of the NBA. Billy Walker said that  ‘Tebow only performed miracles on Sunday but Jeremy does it everyday”. The only one that performs miracles is Jesus and He has done so in my life. The only way that Jesus was able to perform miracles in my life was for me to accept Him as my savior. To put Him first in everything that I do. Before Jesus came into my life, I was selfish, lied, had many bad habits, hurt people and didn’t care. Thankfully Jesus put people in my life that led me to Him.  These people showed me that Jesus was always there, even when I didn’t want Him there. They showed me that I had an incredible gift that He gave to me and I was throwing it all away. Since I have become a Christian the Good Lord has blessed me in so many ways. I owe everything to Him.

Back to Jeremy Lin, the kid graduated from Harvard and bounced around before finally getting his shot with the Knicks. A ten day contract, sleeping on a teammate’s sofa. Wonder what was on his mind? I am sure that he never gave up praising God or doubting what God’s plan is for him. It’s easy to go to God when things are going bad in your life, asking God for His help, to get you out of that situation. But what do you do when things are going really good? Do you praise Him then and give Him thanks? I am sure Jeremy never stopped believing in the Good Lord above and he never stopped believing in himself. Once he got the opportunity he made the most of it. He was ready to perform on the biggest stage of them all, Madison Square Garden. Now he is a household name. Most people give up on the Good Lord and themselves. In order to be successful in anything that you do, you need something spiritual in your life. Otherwise you will always have an empty feeling as if something is missing in your life. You also must believe in yourself when others don’t and you must have the desire, drive and dedication to continue, when others doubt.

Jeremy Lin will be successful on or off the court because of his faith in Jesus. Thank you, Jeremy and thank YOU, JESUS for Jeremy. Remember to always put God first in your life.

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