Well, all of us hoopheads got our NBA basketball on Christmas Day. The season has been very interesting so far. There is no rhyme or reason behind what’s happening. One night a team blows out another by 30 and then they  lose by 30 the next night to some sorry squad. Two weeks of camp, then right into the season. I don’t have a problem with the shortened training camp period, but to make matters worse; the training camps opened up the same day as the free agent signings. Therefor many teams didn’t even have 10 players at camp. The free agents didn’t report to their teams until they were signed and then couldn’t practice until they passed a physical. The players not being in the best of shape because they didn’t know when the season was going to start. I have a problem with this, if you are a “professional” athlete your job is to stay in tip top shape all year long. I know it’s hard to simulate game conditions in the off season, but you don’t put on 20 extra pounds either. What’s going to happen to you when your career ends?  With the late arrivals of players not being in the best of shape and a shortened training camp; compound this with  free agents having to grasp a “new” system in only two weeks you are setting yourself up for some ugly basketball.  This is what you get unpredictable games. Now that the season is under way the players are playing too many games in a short period of time. Their bodies are breaking down with minor injuries because their bodies have no time to recover in between games. With a shortened season practice time is cut down drastically. Instead of holding a practice, coaches are more inclined to give the guys a day off to get their “legs” back. I’m sure Allen Iverson wishes he were still in the league. NO PRACTICE. If you never practice how are you to get better at anything. The NBA is still the greatest game on earth and the players are the best. As the season progresses the games will get better. Have a great day and remember to give God all His Glory.

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