All-Star Break

After a victory in L.A. over the Clippers we headed home for the break on the red eye. Nick got to stay in L.A. and spend time with his family and friends. Some of the other guys headed to warmer climates. CB and Antawn to New Orleans for the All-Star Game. As for myself, I arrived home and headed to the dentist for an appointment that I had made while being on the road. I cracked a tooth in San Francisco while having breakfast. Went to the dentist had an x-ray and it was determined that I must have a root canal. What a way to spend the day. Everything went well. So far, so good.

My wife Carole cooked an excellent Valentine’s Day dinner. Chicken, potatoes and corn. For dessert she made a caramel bread pudding that was out of this world. It was nice to spend the evening together and to be at home. McKenna loved her Valentine’s card and stuffed animal. Of course she likes the candy too.

Hung out with the family on Friday and then went to dinner with Carole at Cafe Milano. Had some pasta that was very good.

Saturday headed up to Baltimore to see my brother and aunt Jean. It is always a pleasure to see them and spend time with them. I only wish that my mom was still here so she could see McKenna. I always tell McKenna about her grandmother Joan, so she will always know where her middle name comes from. Went to the airport to pick up our nanny’s sister Chelsea. She is on winter break.

Sunday our intentions were good, off to church. We got a late start and then a little lost. So we headed back up to Baltimore for lunch with my aunt and brother. It was a nice and relaxing break for me. Everyone needs it. Hopefully everyone will return healthy and ready to make a post All-Star run.

Monday took McKenna to see Nemo at the Verizon Center in her words it was “very, very sad.” Practice at 6 pm.

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