Congratulations to Antawn and Caron on being named All-Stars. It is quite an honor and they both deserve the award. Caron missed a few games and we struggled without him. We had a nice win against Toronto at home (OT). Then we had to play the following night in Toronto. They came out and gave us a good old fashioned beating. I myself started to catch the flu and this did not help. Could not get out of bed for the next couple of days. I am sorry to say that I missed a game versus Utah. They are also playing at a high level and the addition of Korver is huge for them. Finally got back to the gym, it seems like I was away for weeks. Still weak and light headed. Played the Lakers on Super Sunday. Unfortunately it was not super for us or the Patriots. The Lakers took control from the start and never looked back. Kobe is something else. It is scary to think how much better they will be with Gasol and then when Bynum comes back.

Now we have to get ready for Philly. They are a young team that likes to push the ball. We lost at the buzzer up there at the end of November. Nick Young had a good look but it was a little long. He will make many game winners before his career is over. We took the train up to Philly. It is a nice way to travel, very relaxing.

After Philly we head home and play the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday, the second of a back to back. Practice on Thursday and then off to Denver, Phoenix, Golden State and the Clippers. We are the only team that has not been out west yet. Life is not easy in the NBA. You have got to come ready to play every night.

I am glad to be up and out of bed, back in the gym with the coaches and players. We have a super staff and the guys work hard. Etan is doing more and more every day and Gil has been getting some shots up. When we get them back and everyone is healthy we can be scary. It is hard to believe that we are already closing in on 50 games played. All-Star Break is coming the weekend of February 16-18 in New Orleans.

Hope everyone is healthy and flu free.

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