It’s hard to believe that the summer is over with. On one hand it seemed like it was very long and on the other it seems like it flew by. I don’t know if that makes any sense to you, but it sure does to me. Was in China with NIKE on the annual ALL ASIA CAMP in June. Had three weeks of my over night camps in the Pocono Mountains. Just finished up the last one and Hurricane Irene didn’t stop the campers from getting up jumpers. This summer I also did camps in Florida, California, Connecticut, Mass., NJ, NY, Vermont, NH, Oregon, Colorado, PA and Canada. All in all I was at a total of 49 camps. Spoke in front of approximately 15,000 players and coaches. For the summer, during my lectures I made 16,720 shots out of 16,931. That is 98.75 %. As everyone knows my goal is to shoot 99% by the end of the year. Keep in mind that these are only my lecture numbers. This does not include my workouts and warmups that I do in addition to my speaking engagements. I will keep everyone posted as to how my progress is going. From the three point line, this summer I was 400-435 during my beat the pro demonstrations. That is 91.95%. Loved playing some different players during” beat the pro.” Kids get to name the player I am going to play against. Game starts at the one point line (FT Line), I get one point if it goes in, otherwise pro gets 3 points. Then every shot is beyond the arc. I get one if it goes in, pro gets three if it doesn’t pass thru the bottom of the net. Some interesting names came up this year,  Joe Johnson, Kyle Korver, Brian Scalabrine, Jason Terry. Jason Kidd, Rashard Lewis, Danilo Gallineri and James Jones. Of course there was Kobe, LeBron, DWade, KD and Ray Allen. I must say that I still love going in and speaking to the kids as much as I did 23 years ago. It amazes me to see how many adults have seen me when they were younger and that they remembered a certain story or message. And I thought that nobody was listening to me or hearing what I had to say. I would like to thank my wife for supporting me all of the time (she just wants me out of the house) and my daughter who was my traveling partner for awhile. Special thanks to everyone that hired me to speak at their camps and all of the people that were so good to my daughter throughout the summer. Most of all I would like to thank the GOOD LORD for all of my blessings and for getting me to and from my camps safely. Now it’s back to school and it’s time to hit the books and hit the practice court. The basketball season is right around the corner. Make shots, not excuses. Remember to ALWAYS keep track of your shots. You need to see yourself getting better. Numbers don’t lie. Buy my app iHopla at iTunes or on the Droid Market. You will get better and your confidence will grow. When you get the app send me your numbers from the workout and let me know how long it takes to complete. i would love to hear from you.

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