I promised my guys Chase, Wolf (real name), Ted, Garrett, Adam (shooting champ) and the gals Amy and Beth that I would write something about them. They all do a super job and make things easier for all of us coaches and players.  Often they get no recognition, but without them the game could not go on. They come in early and they are the last to leave. They help out with game preparation doing such things as getting uniforms ready, water, towels,etc… and then they help with getting tickets from the players to will call. They do a million things. Then on top of that they have the thankless job of rebounding and chasing down balls when the players get there for their pregame workouts. During the game they are working as well doing everything from mopping up the floor to handing out towels and water. After the game they are still working picking up after the guys and getting the laundry going. They are MVP’s in my book. Thank you all.

   This past week Adam beat me in shooting from the free throw line, college three and NBA three point line. He had to win from all three spots to get into the blog. Well it took him all season to finally get in. He beat me fair and square. He won all three spots. I had to shoot left handed as did he. The only problem is that Adam is a natural southpaw. Now I have to really get back into the gym and work on my game.

   The ball boys are keeping me sharp as I try to get some shots up before the players come out. Before the LA Clipper game I hit 50 NBA three’s from straight on and then 41 in a row from the right corner. I was trying to beat my personal best of 78. Hopefully I will break it by the end of the season.

    Congratulations to Antawn for being the Eastern Conference Player of the Week. He has been huge for us all year. I am so happy for him. He comes to play everyday and never complains about anything. Antawn is a true pro and a wonderful human being.

   It is great having Caron back. Since he has returned though he has suffered another injury. He has something wrong with his left hand. Speaking of injured left hands Antonio has one as well. We have had more injuries, but the guys give it all that they have. Now we need to get everyone healthy for the playoff push. Even Ted our ball boy has been out of commission with a bad ankle. It is always good to see him when he comes to the games.

   Happy Easter to everyone.


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