It has been a very busy May for me. I started out in Missouri working out the Willard kids and then returned home to Boothbay Harbor for a couple of days. On the 5th of May ( Cinco de Mayo) I was at the Casco Bay YMCA in Freeport, ME working out a couple of kids. Then I headed out to Portland, OR for two days and did a clinic for Tim Sonners. The turnout was very good and i look forward to my return. After the clinic in Portland I flew to LA to work out Raymond Brothers (agent) guys. I was working them out for the week at Cal Lutheran in Thousand Oaks. The guys worked hard and improved each and every day. Flew back on the redeye but it did not leave until the next day. FOURTEEN AND A HALF HOURS LATE!!!! I don’t even want to think about that again. Home for a couple of days and then I was off to Butte, Montana to speak to a group of kids and parents. Montana is very beautiful and I only wish that I could spend more time there. Many thanks to Brodie for having me come out. Got home from Butte, on the 20th late evening and had to leave on the 21st early morning for Naples, FL. The good thing about the trip to Naples is that I will have a traveling companion, my daughter McKenna will be with me for the entire stay in FL. My wife Carole will meet up with us in Naples for a couple of days. McKenna and I stayed in Naples until last night. While in Florida we stayed at my good friend Mike Stevens house and worked out his sons Michael, Matty, Shane and Courtney Nelson. The gym at Mike’s house is nicer than some NBA teams practice facilities. Arrived home and the weather was very Florida like. Today it is around 88 degrees in Boothbay Harbor. Here until Friday and then I am off to Denver for my Memorial Day shooting camp and I will also get to see my main man BIG BILL, also Mark Sharpley who has been running the camp for the past 1o to 12 years. So needless to say I am glad to see this month come to an end. The CELTICS are up 3 games to 1. I did not think they would still be playing. The WEST will be very interesting with the LAKERS and SUNS tied up at 2 a piece. Everyone take care and count your blessings. PRAISE the LORD.

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