My First Blog

Welcome to I am very excited for the upcoming year, hope that you are too. I will be blogging each week and I will also have guest bloggers on the site as well. On my blog I will be giving updates as to what I am doing, how the team is doing, as well as some of the players that I have worked with in the past. I am really looking forward to doing this.

Now that I am working with the Wizards, I don’t get to see as many college and high school games as I did in the past. But I sure do get to watch the greatest athletes in the world play on a daily basis. I have been blessed by the Good Lord to be involved with the game that I love for 38 years now. It is hard to believe that I am now 50.

I always enjoy hearing from ex campers as to what they are doing with themselves. Keep me posted, I would love to hear from you. Any suggestions that anyone might have about the website, let me know. My main man Rob Santoro and I are always looking to improve it and keep it fresh.

We have Houston tomorrow night at the Verizon Center and then go to Atlanta to play on Friday. Back home to play the Celtics this Saturday. Until next week, may your jumper hit nothing but the bottom of the net.

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