NIKE All Asia Camp

I’m in Canada right now trying to get back home to Maine. My flight was delayed yesterday and I missed my connection. Hopefully everything will go smoothly today. Can’t wait to get home and see my wife and daughter, as I’ve been in China since the 3rd of June. Started out doing the girlls camp and finished up Sunday with the boys. The camp was held at a brand new facility that had eight fullcourts. As always NIKE does a great job with dressing up the building. Besides having the NIKE All Asia banners up they had banners up of LeBron, Kobe, Yi, Dirk, DeMarr DeRozen and Rudy Gay. DeMarr, Rudy and Yi attended the boys camp. Yi showed up at both camps and is a ROCK STAR in China. Yi was a former camper a few years back. All three of the players are good guys. Hopefully Rudy will return from his injury and be better than ever. DeMarr continues to get better and once he improves his range, look out! The coaching staff consisted of Dee Brown, Miles Simon, Jarren Akana, Blair Donovan, Mike Hackman and Rob Beveridge. Over the years of doing this camp I not only have great memories but I have developed lifelong friends. Thanks guys. Congratulations to the MAVS, especially BWood, Caron Butler and DSteve. I had the opportunity to coach these guys while in DC. They all are true professionals and were Champions in my eyes, even when things were not going well. Now all three of you are World Champions. I would also like to congratulate the rest of the players, coaches and entire organization for being NBA champs. Once I get home I start gearing up for another summer of camps, clinics and workouts. There are still spots open for my COLLEGE CAMP in August. Don’t get left out.

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