We made the playoffs with a win over Miami the other night. Now we have to see what seed we will be. As it stands now we are currently the fifth seed, with Philadelphia and Toronto on our heels. The Sixers have been playing great ball the past couple of months. So down the stretch every game is important to us. There will be no resting of our players. If Cleveland collapses and we win our games we could finish in the fourth spot and that would mean homecourt advantage for us. There is still alot of ball to be played during the regular season.

    How about the playoff race in the West. Imagine some of the teams that will not make the playoffs. It is funny how you play 82 games and everyone of them is important especially for the teams in the playoff hunt.

    It looks like we might be getting healthy at the right time. Gil is back giving us 20-25 minutes off the bench. Imagine having him coming off the bench. Talk about instant offense. Gil has really done a great job of getting everyone else involved with his passing. With him we really get some easy hoops. Caron just bumped his knee in practice the other day but should be okay. It is nothing compared to his hip injury earlier this year. Antawn’s shoulder is better and will continue to get better. Antonio’s wrist is still bothering him and will continue to do so until he can get some time off. He is a pro’s pro. Most guys would have shut it down a long time ago. Deshawn just plays with all of his ailments. How he does it I don’t know. The only person not playing now is Etan. His physical prescence would be invaluable during the playoffs. Another big body and someone that can rebound and defend.

   The team has really done an outstanding job and the coaching staff too. Eddie Jordan is my coach of the year. Every day has been a challenge not knowing who can practice or who can’t due to injury. He has handled it all and he has done a terrific job. I am honored to be part of this coaching staff. I have learned so much about basketball and life from these guys, Eddie Jordan, Mike O’Koren, Randy Ayers, Phil Hubbard, Wes Unseld Jr. and Ed Tapscott. More importantly I have made friends for life with these great guys. I am looking forward to our playoff run.

   Saturday will be a great day. Carole, McKenna and Jessica (the Nanny) will all be home and we have a HUGE game versus the Sixers. The girls have been away too long and it is too quiet at home without them.

   Until next time take care and God Bless. 

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