Hope everyone is enjoying the excitement and interesting story lines of the first round of the playoffs. In Boston you have KG getting suspended. Cleveland you have Joakim Noah talking about the city of Cleveland and “who would go there to vacation.” He is also talking about KG. Interesting character who went out and had a huge game. Not crazy about his shot, but he does play hard and rebound. LeBron is a monster, there is nothing that he can’t do and when he is hitting his jump shot it’s all over for the opponent. On Saturday there was a great piece on about LeBron and how quickly he accelerates and tracks down blocks from behind. Every year he gets better. LeBron is just too fast, too strong, too powerful and explosive for anyone to match up with him. Orlando has Superman and shooters, JJ Redick has really been solid and should get paid next year. Charlotte plays hard but I don’t think they have enough fire power and they are very young to make any noise in the playoffs. What a game Brandon Jennings had against Atlanta, unfortunately he did not get any help. Milwaukee has been hit with the injury bug two key players out Michael Redd been out forever and Andrew Bogut for the playoffs. Now the Bucks don’t have any inside scoring on a consistent basis to upend the Hawks. Josh Smith has had a very good year. Some say he is flying under the radar, but with his hops he could never fly under anything, he sure could jump over it though. In the west we have the champs versus the young guys from OKC. Kevin Durant struggled in game one, he did not shoot well due to the defense of Ron Artest and will have to step it up for OKC to win a game in this series. It was good to see the big fella back in the middle. Bynum looked very good on his return. Dallas and the San Antonio should be a very interesting series. The two Texas teams battling it out. I am rooting for Dallas because of my guys Caron, BWood and DSteve. After what they endured in Washington over the last season and a half they desrve to go far in the playoffs. Denver and Utah looks interesting after Utah held on to win in Denver, but I don’t think they can overcome the loss of AK and Okur, too much size to lose. Utah will play hard as Jerry Sloan accepts nothing else. My thoughts and prayers go out to Coach Karl and his family and friends. Then there is Portland and Phoenix. Portland came up big in game one especially Andre Miller, can they repeat their performance? I don’t think so, but they are up one game at this point. It is amazing how many teams have to play with some of their top players being injured. To all of the injured guys I wish you all a speedy recovery and hope that you all come back stronger and better than before the injuries. Take care and God Bless you all.

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