This past week we played the Hawks in Atlanta on Friday night and we pulled out a road win in OT. The Hawks are a high flying bunch and getting better all the time. After the game I was lucky enough to see my brother in law and sister in law before flying back to DC. We then had to play the Celtics at home on Saturday night. We came out with a very exciting win. Down late in the fourth quarter and we pulled it out. The guys never gave up and Coach Jordan did his usual outstanding job. Randy Ayers has the guys playing defense like they never have done before. I don’t think anyone expected us to win, except for the coaches and the players. Now we have to go to Boston and play them again on Monday night.

Boston, it always amazes me how good the bus drivers are as they have about six inches clearance to get the bus into the arena. To top it off they have to back up this ramp about 50 yards with the six inches clearance. I think the architects forgot to add an entrance for the buses and then as an after thought built this ramp on the far corner of the building. The gym is always freezing. During shootaround and pre game. It sure heated up at game time. The Celtics were fired up for revenge and had a big lead with six minutes and change. Our guys never quit and we escaped with another victory. Two wins against the best team in the NBA makes for a great week.

Leaving for the airport all is well with the weather. We get to Logan and the bus doesn’t have clearance for the overpass. We have the escape hatch on the roof rip off. Luckily nobody was hurt. The bus gets stuck so we walk to the terminal and go through security. Arrive in NY about 2 am. I am sure everyone is exhausted.

New York beats us at the Garden. We played like we were tired. We also played without Antonio Daniels. We are not the same without him. He is a true professional, always putting in extra work. The Knicks shot the lights out and their bench was very productive. We fell behind by 22 early and clawed our way back but came up short. The starters had to play too many minutes. Back to DC and prepare for the Knicks again.

 The Knicks have won three in a row they have beaten Detroit, us and NJ last night. Jamal Crawford is on a roll. They are much better than their record indicates. We  came away with a nice win. The difference in the game was we had some rest, AD returned and the bench gave us a great game. It is good to be home.

Not a bad week for us wins against Atlanta, Boston twice and a split with the Knicks.

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