Settling in DC

I have finally moved into my new place and my wife Carole and daughter McKenna are down for good. They have been traveling back and forth from Maine while Carole recuperated from her foot surgery. It’s tough being apart from the ones that you love and it is impossible to be a good husband and father when you are not together. Last year in Toronto was very difficult being away from family and not getting to see them on a regular basis. Now being in D.C. gives me that opportunity to be with them. I miss Toronto and every one involved with the organization, everyone there treated me well and made me feel at home. The players were great both on and off the floor. Bible study group headed by Herbie was truly a blessing for me and the regular guys who attended. Joey, AP, Juan, Hump, Luke and Willis the security guy.

I just couldn’t go back to Toronto without seeing and being with my family. My wife’s job would not allow her to work out of Canada. As much as I love basketball, nothing compares to my love for my wife and daughter. Now I am living the dream, my wife, my daughter and the NBA. I cannot thank Bryan Colangelo enough for giving me the chance to work full time in the NBA. My family and I are looking forward to seeing all the sites in Washington, DC.

Everything is fine in D.C. I just keep praying for Gilbert to come back healthy and better than ever. People don’t realize how special this kid is. He has an unbelievable work ethic and drive. It is always a special occasion to see him in the locker room and to have him on the bench. Hopefully, I can get Gil to be a guest blogger.

The rest of the guys are doing a great job. It seems that everyone is contributing. Pech returned from his broken ankle in Atlanta and scored his first NBA bucket. Congratulations Pech!!! Coach Jordan and all of the assistants are fantastic and very knowledgeable. They are doing an unbelievable job in having the players ready to play and have them focused on the correct way to play the game. This is a special group of players to overcome all the injury problems that we have had. They just keep coming to the gym working and not complaining about anything. True professionals in every sense of the word.

We have Boston later tonight and then again on Monday. Until the next update, Best Swishes, Dave

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