Just got back stateside on Monday night, from Barcelona, Spain. Went over with my wife for the NBA Basketball without Borders camp. The camp is sponsored by the NBA and NIKE. They both do an incredible job of running this camp. The coaches were Ron Adams, Dick Harter and Robert Werdann. The NBA players that were part of the camp Marcus Camby, Jason Terry, Marc and Pau Gasol, Rudy Fernandez, Vladimir Radmanovic and Serge Ibaka. The players attending camp were from all over Europe. There were some very talented kids at this camp. Basketball really is a global game, the rest of the world has caught up to us and they are developing good young players who know how to play the game of basketball the right way and are also fundamentally sound. At the camp it was great seeing familiar faces Marin, Rich, Chris, Kim, Theresa, Brooks, Travis and Doc. I am sure that I left someone out. The camp was one that I will never forget as it was not only fun but I will have lifelong memories of it. Thanks to everyone that was involved with the camp. Can’t forget our site the FCB football club of Barcelona let us use the basketball teams practice facility for the camp. A very nice facility. What made the camp so good was that the kids understood English and they had a very high basketball IQ, so it was easy to teach and coach them. There were no translators needed, so the camp moved along nicely. In all of my years of doing camps this was by far the most enjoyable camp that I have been involved in. You got a chance to interact with each and every kid. The only bad thing that happened during this trip was that my bags did not arrive on time, my wife Carole’s purse was stolen and my return flight was late leaving, the plane had to stop for gas in Boston and I had to spend some more time in Newark Airport waiting for my flight back to Maine. Traveling really is the worst and it isn’t getting any better. At least my bags made it back. I don’t understand why the bags take so long to come out at Portland Jetport in Maine, you wait forever there. It’s not like there are 100’s of flights coming in all at once. It’s great to be home with my daughter, missed her bunches. My heart goes out to Mrs. Clark in Keyport, NJ who lost her son and husband on the same day. You are in my thoughts and prayers as well as the rest of the family. Life is too short, enjoy every moment, every day, count your blessings and tell your loved ones how much you love them and how important they are to you. Remember to thank God for everything that you have and for all of your blessings.  Take care and God Bless.

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