What are you doing in September?

Now is the time to really work on your game. Most kids play all summer long and don’t improve because all that they do during the summer time is play. Whether it is summer league or AAU basketball there is no drill time or time where a player makes 500 shots a day. Whatever bad habits the player has, he or she is not getting rid of them by just playing. If a player has a weak handle when is that player going to develop a better handle. While playing? It is essential that a player first realizes that he or she needs to get better and then it is just as important to go about and work on improving your game. There is always room for improvement. Don’t ever be satisfied with where your game is at. When I was younger and was not playing much it was tough to stay focused and to continue working on improving. By keeping track of my shots when I worked out, I knew I was improving even if the coaches didn’t. That’s why it is so important to log your shots. When you see yourself getting better you want to practice more and you gain confidence. That’s why when I was a kid I loved the summer time. Hooping it up out doors at Norwood Elementary School and Harbor View back in Baltimore. I couldn’t wait for school to start and show the coaches how much better I had become from the previous year. September was always a time to continueImproving, working on your own before practicing with the team. If you are in high school and you just played all summer long I urge you to make some shots and work on your game. If you are in college put in extra time because the NCAA won’t let your coaches work with you enough during the summer or the school year. If you are a professional put in some more time. The time you invest will reap huge rewards. Just by doing spot shooting and recording your shots you will see dramatic improvement. MAKE SHOTS NOT EXCUSES. Good luck to everyone in the upcoming season. I will be back doing my thing this fall and winter speaking engagements at corporate events, camps, clinics, etc.. I haven’t heard from Rondo or Howard this past year. Just think if they could only make their free shots. Have a blessed day.

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