It has been a very busy few weeks for me, seems as if I haven’t seen my beautiful wife and beautiful daughter in ages. I can’t wait to get home on Monday night to see them and spend some quality time with them in Boothbay Harbor. The traveling has been crazy. I left for Spain on the 27th of June and returned stateside on the 4th of July. As soon as I landed I headed up to my weeklong overnight camp for boys.My trip to Spain was an unforgettable one. Jose Calderon and his family, staff, coaches and everyone involved in the camp were great hosts. They made me feel welcome and were beyond friendly. Jose does an outstanding job with his camps and he is there at camp everyday spending time with the kids. Anthony Parker was at Jose’s camp as well. It was great catching up with AP. He was over there with his wife and two boys. Jose now has a son as well, his name is Manuel. They are great guys both on and off the court and I am lucky to have had the pleasure to have coached them. The one year that I was in Toronto was a special season because of the players on the team. Everyone on that team got along so well. The guys were all good guys, we didn’t have any knuckleheads on that team. We also had a bible study that was regularly attended by AP, Joey Graham, Kris Humphries, Juan Dixon, Luke Jackson and myself. After spending time at Jose’s camp I went to Madrid for a few days. Tried to hook up with Jorge Garbojosa who was also with the Raptors and is now playing in Madrid. Spoke to “Garbo” but unfortunately did not get to see him.Landed stateside and it was close to a 100 degrees. It was very hot the entire week with the temperatures in the upper 90’s. On Wednesday it was 102. The kids were great, they worked hard and they all got better. Now they have to take what they learned at camp and continue to work on it. On Wednesday I drove over to Eastern Invitational at Albright College with Thomas J Cirincione or as he is widely known as “Tootie”. Tootie worked the camp with me the entire week and he gave one of his world famous lectures on Thursday night for the staff and campers. If you know Tootie you know that there were a bunch of highlights at camp. Eastern is an unbelievable camp with close to 800 kids and all the coaches come to evaluate the talent that is there. Saw a great number of coaches that I haven’t seen in years.Now I am at the airport getting ready to head out to the West Coast All Star Camp. I will spend two days there and then fly home on the redeye. Once I land I will pick up a rent a car and drive up to UCONN and speak at Coach Calhoun’s camp. I will get home later in the evening, can’t wait.I am so happy that this whole LeBron stuff is over with. I cannot believe that people didn’t have anything else to do than worry about where he was going to play. With all of the media coverage I thought that he was going to announce to the world that he and his “team” came up with the cure for cancer, AIDS and had brought world peace to us. I am glad that it is over with.Thanks to everyone who reads the blog. Take care and God Bless. Count all of your blessings and always give thanks to GOD in all that you do.

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