Hard to believe that it is already August. Just sitting here at the airport killing time because of a missed flight. It seems like every time that I fly there is a problem. Should be in Milwaukee right now working Brandon Jennings out but I’m in Cleveland waiting for a flight that doesn’t leave until 9:00 PM. Time management is key, I have already written to Continental and voiced my opinion (like they really care) and now I figured I would update my blog. First of all I would like to thank everyone that reads it. August has been very busy for me and I have been able to spend time with my daughter McKenna as well. The month started off at Championship Basketball Camp in Buzzard’s Bay, MA. This camp is at a beautiful location and the coaches all come back every year to coach. I have been to 100’s of camps over the years and the turnover rate with coaches is worse than Yinka Dare’s assist to turnover ratio. Here at Championship some of the coaches take vacation time so they can come back and coach and spend time with other coaches. I have been coming here for close to twenty years and have made a bunch of friends. My daughter made the trip with me and we spent the night in the dorm. She loved it and thought it was really cool. I then went up to Colby College and spoke at Pine Tree Basketball Camp. Coach Whitmore does an outstanding job there and I think every kid that plays basketball in Maine has attended his camp. We figured out that I haven’t been there in about twenty years. I can’t believe that I have been speaking at camps as long as I have. Many camps have folded over the years or their numbers have dropped off significantly because of the economy? coaches running their own camps and making their players work the camp? AAU ball? I think it is a culmination of all of these things. My daughter then joined me for a trip to the Pocono Invitational Girls Camp ¬†along with Sarah Caron of Boothbay Harbor. It was great having some company on the long trip. Mckenna was not the least bit interested in basketball but she loved the pool and the candy at the canteen. She wants to move to the camp and spend the rest of the summer there. Hopefully she will return for my boys week in August 26-30. Heading to California on Saturday and will attend Dana Pump’s wedding on Sunday. Looking forward to spending time with my beautiful wife, Carole. My thoughts and prayers to everyone that are having a difficult time with the economy. Keep your faith strong in the LORD and may your love grow stronger every day. Take care and God Bless.

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