After watching last year’s Final Four I vowed not to watch college ball again, but here I am watching it because there is no NBA. Nothing has changed at the college level a bunch of athletic kids running around with no idea how to play. There are quite a few pro’s in the same boat. Just watched Kentucky against Old Dominion. Kentucky is ranked number 2 in the country. If they are the number 2 team in the country it is going to be a very long winter watching hoops. They have trouble shooting Free Throw’s once again and have a ton of turnovers. That is not a very good combination to have, if you expect to be a contender. Listening to the announcers they continually talked about Kentucky’s length and athleticism. Length and athleticism are GOD given. Skills and fundamentals are honed through hours of repetition from hours of work in the gym. The lonely hours. When is the last time an announcer said that the guy is a “gym rat.” Just playing games will not make you a better shooter, better ball handler or a better passer. You have to be sound fundamentally. Yes, guys are gifted with there height and athleticism but how about putting some time in the gym and being able to knock down a free throw. Have some pride in your game. Now watching another game and the announcers are talking about both teams having trouble scoring the basketball. WHY? How about going into the gym and working on hitting a fifteen foot jump shot. There should be no excuses in this day and age of players not being able to shoot with all of the things that they have available to them. If you go to college the chances are your team has a GUN or DR. DISH. Use the machines and shoot 500 shots in a short period of time, do this several times a week. You will get better, try it and see. If you do it more than a few times a week you will improve more. Try it and see for yourself. Please make the college game pleasant to the human eye. It just amazes me that there were not more players at my college shooting camp with the poor percentages that are being posted. I’ve seen enough for the day, I’m off to the YMCA to make shots, something not seen enough in the NCAA. Since the NBA season looks lost I will also spend my evenings watching High School basketball. Will have my thought and insights on high school ball shortly. Take care and sing the GOOD LORD’S PRAISES in all that you do.

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