In order to improve as a basketball player you need to train, work on your weaknesses and practice correctly. If you do not put the time in to work on your game you will not improve. It’s really quite simple. Kids would rather play games than go to a basketball camp that would make them become better at playing the game of basketball. If all you do is play you are not developing as a player. If you can’t dribble with your left hand and you don’t practice it, when are you going to be able to dribble with your left hand? It’s not going to happen in the game. Kids wonder why they can’t make shots in games? Well you don’t even practice and when you do practice you don’t have a clue as how to practice properly let alone how to shoot the ball correctly. When is the last time you saw a kid at the park shooting by himself? Now kids have trainers and if they are not with their trainers they won’t practice on their own. So they work with their trainer once or twice a week and that’s it. Then in the fall, spring and summer they play a ton of games in AAU. If you want to become better you have to work at it, put the time, sweat and effort into improving. MAKE SHOTS NOT EXCUSES

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