De’Edra Dangerfield gets it

I have been doing shooting camps and giving shooting demonstrations for over twenty years. I have been at hundreds and hundreds of schools, camps, etc..  and I have always preached that in order to become a GREAT shooter you need to chart your shots. Since I was sixteen I began charting my shots and am still doing it to this day. I never get bored shooting the ball because I am always trying to beat my best shooting performances whether it be during workouts or a lecture. Over the course of my twenty years shooting  and speaking at hundreds of camps I have seen about ten notebooks. That is about 10 kids that decided to chart their shots out of about 100,000 that I have spoken in front of over the years. Most kids don’t get it and don’t understand the importance of charting shots. Once you get into the habit of charting your shots, you know exactly what you did during the workout and then you see the number of shots that you took and how many you made. You have feedback and once you see that you are improving then you want to practice more and when you see that you are getting better it give the player confidence. Confidence leads to success and success leads to confidence it is an ongoing cycle. Last spring I had the pleasure of meeting a coach in Denver who worked the Dave Hopla Shooting Camp, she coached a youth team of boys and does an outstanding job. Her name is De’Edra Dangerfield and she came back to camp a couple of weeks ago. I was glad to see her because she is a very good coach and cares about the kids. She brought along her youth team and all of the kids had their shooting notebooks. An entire team and these kids are young. I hope that they continue to chart their shots when they leave De”Edra’s program. She has these kids on the right road and she has made me very proud. Finally someone gets it. You keep track of shots in a game why not during your workouts. Make your workouts competitive with one another and also with yourself. While in Denver it was great seeing Big Bill Ficke of Big Bill’s NY STYLE PIZZA. I am so blessed to have people in my life like Bill and Mark Sharpley who runs the JAM program. Mark always has done an outstanding job of getting kids to the camp and always has a top notch staff. His wife Rebecca is behind the scenes making sure that everything is run smoothly. Take care and God Bless. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and let’s make sure we give thanksgiving to the Good Lord who is responsible for all of our blessings.

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