Just finished up a two day shooting camp at Wilcox Tech in Meridan, CT. The camp was put on by Jeremy Pringle and Brian Maderias. They both did an outstanding job of getting kids to this event. The kids that attended were all very coachable and they all wanted to get better. They did improve during the two days. You can actually see the improvement over a short period of time, especially when it comes to footwork. I can’t say enough about Jeremy and Brian as I have known them for years. I first met them through the CT STARTERS program about 10 years ago. They have grown up and are good people, I am blessed to have them as my friends. It was great to see Bobby Burkhardt and Joe Tichotsky on Sunday. They both stopped by to say hello. There are so many outstanding human beings that I have met because of basketball and I am sure that there are outstanding people in all fields of work and life. On the other hand there are also bad guys involved with the game as well. Try to eliminate your time with the bad guys and spend time with the good guys do this in everything that you do and you will find yourself being successful and having less problems. I am looking forward to spending Thanksgiving at home in Maine. It will be our first Thanksgiving at our home. We have always been away because of basketball season or going to Carole’s parents. This year there will be no traveling for us, we will just be enjoying our time together as a family in our home. December will soon be here and before you know it Christmas will be here. Stay safe, be healthy and tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. There is so much to be Thankful for, make sure you thank the Good Lord.

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