I must say it is always great to be home. See the family and spend some time with them. Carole and Mckenna headed back to Maine on Wednesday, I sure am going to miss them. The place is very quiet without them being around. Just watching game two again and it looks worse every time that I watch it. Have to get ready and focused for game three. We cannot play any worse than we did in game two.

   Being home and having the crowd with us will be a huge lift for us. Coming into shootaround this morning all the seats had on them a white T-shirt for the “WHITE OUT” for tonight’s game. It was pretty impressive. The guys seem ready to go. It is a beautiful day in the nation’s capital. The only thing bothering me is my allergies. Walking around the city today everyone was wishing us the best of luck for tonight’s game.

   My friend Lee Miles from Dundalk is coming to the game tonight. He was my best friend in High School and we had some great times together. After High School we remained very close and we shared many laughs together. I told him that he will  bring our team good luck tonight. I will be looking forward to seeing him after the game.

   Lee brought us the luck and a thirty five point victory. If you were to say that we were going to win by 35 after losing by 30 in Cleveland I would have thought you were crazy. “It’s the league” just when you’ve thought that you’ve seen it all something else happens. Gilbert started and he did a great job of getting everyone involved. He is still not a 100% but having him on the floor gives us another threat. Caron played like the All Star that he is and Antawn was Antawn. Brendan had a very good game and Deshawn played well. Antonio kept pressure on their guards with great defense and Roger came off the bench hitting shots. Andray had his moments too. A much needed win. Now hopefully we can keep the momentum going through Sunday’s game.

     At halftime I always come out to watch our guys get ready for the third quarter and for some reason I look up on the big screen and see my friend Lee up there.  He is all over the jumbo tron screen what seemed like ages. He had no clue that he was up there until his son showed him.The reason that he was up there is because there are 20,000 plus fans at the game and they are all wearing white (the shirts that were on the seats for anyone who did not come in white) and he is one of a half dozen fans not wearing white. My main man Lee, I had to laugh. It was great seeing him and his son Bradley at the game. When I looked up in the crowd and saw my best friend cheering I saw how proud he was for me, I am so glad that he and his son came.

    After the game I got to spend some time with Lee and Bradley, they had a great time. I asked Lee why didn’t he put the shirt on and he said it didn’t fit him. That was true. We sat and talked after the game and I got Bradley a couple of autograph’s. It is hard to believe how quickly the years have gone by. Enjoy every moment of evey day and always cherish your family and friends.

   Thank you Wizards and thank you Lee for making my night a memorable one.


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