I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a safe, happy and healthy new year. There are a few things that I want to accomplish this year. First and foremost Iwant to have a more committed relationship with the Good Lord. I also want to be a better Christian, person, husband and father. There is always room for improvement. It’s just like being a basketball player, you can never be satisfied with where you are. If I improve my relationship with Jesus the rest will take care of itself, but it all starts with having a strong relationship with God. As forbasketball 2011 is the year that I am going to break some records. First off there is a website that has Steve Nash shooting WITH ONE BALL, ONE PASSER, FOR ONE MINUTE. He makes 16 NBA 3’s from the corner which is 22 feet. It is not a college three or high school three and he does not use several balls and several people to pass and rebound. I attempted this in Naples, Florida and made 17, I will do this again because I know I can get 18, my 14th shot rattled in and I got my 18th shot off a little late which also went in. So for now I will have to settle for 17 of 17. Check it on YouTube below. Several years ago I broke the record for most NBA threes in a minute from the distance of 23 feet 9 inches. I did this at the NBA All Star Game in Houston. When I shot, I shot off the rack. My record was broken by someone in California, but it was done with someone handing him the balls. Once again something completely different. I will keep you posted as to what records I will be attempting to break where and when. Thanks for reading!

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