New For 2011

I am very excited about the upcoming year. As always I am looking to improve my shooting percentage. 2010 I did not make 99% of my shots during my lectures and shooting demo’s. I finished up at 98.82%. Started 2011 breaking one shooting record, most 3 pointers from the NBA corner in a minute with one ball and one passer. In February i will attempt to break my own record of most FT’s in a minute with one ball and one passer which is 24. Look for the website to be updated by my main man Rob Santoro. Hopefully my book on shooting will be out sometime in the summer or fall. Also new this year for the shooter’s club will be a video break down of the shot done on the computer with brand new technology. I have also been working on a phone app for players of all levels. Expect this to be done and in place soon.This year I will also be doing all of my other stuff, individual workouts, group workouts, team workouts. Then I have my week of girls camp in the Pocono Mountains as well as two weeks of boys camp there.Then I will be speaking at camps through out the country from Memorial day thru Labor Day. After four years of being involved with the NBA I will once again be able to hold my college shooting camps, they will be in August. In addition to all of this I am still doing my motivational speaking for companies. After the Final Four I start training future pro prospects, showing them what to expect at workouts. Last but not least I work the pros out too. Remember to thank the Good Lord for all of your blessings and to tell your loved ones that you love them and how much they mean to you.

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