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My phone app is finally available on ITunes. You can download it here. It really is a great app, especially for any coach or player that wants to keep track of shot makes and attempts. When you see yourself improving then you gain confidence, confidence leads to success and success leads to confidence it’s an ongoing cycle. Once a player sees that they are improving then they want to practice more.With the phone app it’s really easy to track your shots, just click on the drill and punch in the number of shots that it takes you to make 10. It is a 500 make workout. Anyone can take 500 shots but how many are willing to work to make 500. This workout should take anyone just under 2 hours to complete if they hustle, if they have someone passing then the time is even shorter.A special thanks goes out to Andrew, Brian, Chris and Ryan without their hard work, research and passion this project never would have taken place. You guys are the best and words cannot express how thankful and grateful I am to you guys. A great job by a group of great guys.I have been using the phone app workout and find it to be fun, challenging and a great workout. Each day I try to get one shot better as well as trim some time off of the workout.When I do my spot shooting I use the HS 3 point line and the NBA 3 point line. Yesterday I was 500/528 and it took me 1 hour and 33 minutes. Today I was 500/527 and completed the workout in 1 hour and 31 minutes. That’s with me getting my own shots. So I was one shot better and I was 2 minutes quicker with the workout. Hope you enjoy the workout and challenge of getting better as much as I do.Some reviews are in and most are positive and naturally some are negative. The most common negative comments are that there is only one workout. This is true, but before you can advance and upgrade your workout you must be able to knock down shots from straight on and moving left to right as well as right to left off of the bounce as well as off of a pass. Everyone wants to get to the more difficult shots like a step back and they can’t even hit an open shot.The good news is that I am creating more apps for those who want more than one workout. This workout that is on my app is a workout that I use with players on all levels and I never let them go to something more difficult until they can do the basics. Most players want to go to the penthouse without rising from the basement. Becoming a great shooter is a process. If you can complete this workout in less than 580 then you should start thinking about adding more advanced moves and shots.Thanks to everyone that has purchased the app, spread the good word. if you haven’t already purchased the app, what are you waiting for? I am also working on getting the app ready for the Droid.Remember to give thanks to the Good Lord for all of your blessings. Again to get iHopla, DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

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