Let’s honor and pray for those who are serving our country and for those that have served our great country. Hope everyone has a great weekend. I cannot believe that there is no NBA basketball this weekend. Game one is on Tuesday night. Who made this schedule? It’s crazy. The finals should be very enjoyable to watch just like the playoffs have been. Yesterday I started my 23rd year of summer speaking at camps. Hard to believe that I have been doing this for 23 years. I still love every minute that I’m in the gym. Love teaching the game of basketball. Nothing more rewarding than making an impact on a young person’s life. Camp started yesterday in CO and Mark Sharpley is responsible for making this camp one that I always look forward to. He always gets great numbers and the kids are always very respectful and they want to get better. Mark and I have been doing this camp for about 10 years and we do another in November. Before camp began today I broke my record of 25/25 FTs in a minute, with one ball and one passer. Hit 26/26 and will have it posted on YouTube, Facebook, etc.. shortly. My passer was Jon Sanders a great kid and a great passer. The passer is key when doing this. Good passes lead to good shots. Started camp off on Saturday with my lecture hit 405/412 which is 98.3%. as you all know my goal is to end the year at 99%. have to step it up. July is always my best month because I shoot the most shots and speak at the most camps during July. Hope everyone enjoys the blog. Also follow me on Twitter as well as my new Facebook page Dave Hopla Coach. There’s been a lot of positive response to my phone app iHopla which is available on iTunes.. Thanks to everyone that has purchased it. Praise the Lord and tell your loved ones how much you love them.

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