March Madness is here and I am sure everyone has their brackets filled out. There also is talk about the NCAA expanding the field in the future. If the NCAA expands the field it will probably be the end of the NIT. Money is what this is all about, everyone wants to go to the “Dance”. Will there be another “Cinderella” team like George Mason a few years ago? I feel that there are already enough teams in the field of 64 who should not be there, what’s it going to be like with more “bad” teams being in the tournament with no shot of winning. Now the selection committee won’t have to worry about who they leave out and other teams won’t have to worry about making the tourney, because everyone will be in the tourney. Once they expand it they will continue expanding it until everyone gets a shot at the tournament. What happened to “earning it”? Enough of the college madness. Strange that it actually ends in April. I have the chance to go again this year, but I would much rather spend time with my wife and daughter over Easter weekend. Years ago I would never have missed the chance to go to the NCAA Final Four, but now my priorities have changed. The NBA has it’s version of March Madness as well. The New Jersey Nets are trying to win a few more games so that they don’t go down with the worst record in NBA history, they already own the most losses in a row with 18. These are not records that you want associated with your franchise. Other teams are trying to make the playoffs and others are trying to position themselves for a higher seeding in the playoffs that will begin in April and end in June. The NBA season is long and so are the playoffs. Speaking of Madness how about the weather, it has been crazy. Here in Maine the weather has been outstanding 50’s and 60’s of late. The weather in Florida has not been much warmer. Yesterday I took my daughter to Old Orchard Beach to run around and to hang out in the park. There were alot of people out enjoying the weather. I, too have been enjoying it, taking the Harley out for a spin. Never thought I would be riding a motorcycle but I must say that it is alot of fun and it clears your mind and you are out of reach from others, no cell phone, emails, etc.. Everyone needs some time to themselves. Enjoy the Madness but enjoy and cherish your loved ones more. They are what you care for and what you would do anything for. Pray for your loved ones and others that need them and remember that prayers never hurt.

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