Just returned home on Monday evening from a trip to Belfast, Northern Ireland. I left on Wednesday the 24th of February at 9:30 pm and arrived in Belfast on Thursday morning. It was a very short trip but it felt like I never left. Everyone involved with St. Gall’s makes you feel special. It was great seeing all of my former teammates and friends. Thursday night we all got together and had a couple of pints and plenty of laughs. On Friday I had an Ulster fry over at Pattie”s and Kathy’s. It was just as good as I remembered it to be. Then Kathy took me on a tour of the city. Belfast sure has changed since I was last there. The city center is no longer closed off with check points. They have a large ferris wheel next to city hall and it does not fit in with the architecture of the city. Friday night was the old timers game and it was a blast seeing everyone. It seemed like old times at Andersonstown, there was a very nice crowd at the game. Unfortunately there were a couple of injuries, hopefully nothing was too serious. After the game we all went back to St. Gall’s for an unforgettable evening. It was a night that you didn’t want to end. The turnout was something else. There are so many people to thank for putting on the basketball event, I don’t know where to start and I am sure that I will probably leave someone out so I am just going to say thanks to everyone in the entire organization and I would also like to thank everyone for having me over and putting up with me. Saturday I was up and off to have lunch with Ed White who plays for the Belfast Tropic in the Premier League. Years ago I had the opportunity to work him out when he was a young kid. Most of St. Gall’s was off to Dublin for a Gaelic Football match which St. Gall’s won and now they will be playing for all the marbles on ST. PATRICK’s DAY. It doesn’t get any better than that. Saturday I did a couple of clinics one for Claire Mckee who was a former player with St. Gall’s and then I did a clinic for Breda Dick who was the best female player in Ireland. They both do an amazing job with there programs. Keep up the good work. After the clinics I went to dinner with a couple of teammates and then it was back to Micky and Marie’s for an early night and a good sleep. Sunday came and it hit me that I would be going back home on Monday. Sunday we had a great luncheon at Bernie’s club, it was sad when it was time to leave. Back at Micky and Marie’s we watched Saving Private Ryan and it seemed like 1982 all over again sitting there with two of the greatest people in the world who opened up there home to me and have been like a family to me. I love you two very much and miss you dearly. Take care and God Bless to everyone in Northern Ireland. I hope to be back soon and bring my wife and daughter back to meet the friendliest people in the world.

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