Great time of the year for all you hoopheads. High Schools have finished up their season and the champions have been crowned. Now it is time for the NCAA to get ready for the Final Four in Houston. The NBA teams are jockeying for playoff position and then they have the start of their playoffs in April. The NBA playoffs last forever. It has been a very interesting NCAA tournament, starting out with 68 teams. As always people are crying about who made the tournament and who didn’t. The Big East is over rated and the Pac 10 is down. There have been upsets, bone headed coaching decisions and bad officiating. Coaches are fired, leave their programs, etc… Doesn’t this happen every year in the NCAA tournament?It gives us something to talk about and argue about. Just enjoy the games and cheer your team on. It was great to see the TV networks carrying all of the games. You could see any team or player that you wanted. I didn’t even know that I had TruTV. Then people were in an uproar because the pro TV analysts were doing college games and were in the studio giving their insight. I would rather listen to them than to listen to the fan that fills out a bracket and thinks he knows everything because he is in the office pool. Enjoy the games and keep your expertise to your self. Congratulations to the teams that are still playing in the Elite Eight. The major college programs are being represented by Kansas, UCONN, Kentucky, UNC, Arizona and Florida. Butler is still dancing ¬†and then there’s VCU a team that a lot of experts felt shouldn’t be in the tournament. Enjoy the games and remember there will be only one team cutting down the nets in Houston. When the final whistle blows many of you won’t watch another game until next year’s tournament, yet you consider yourselves experts on the game. I know when the Final Four is over I will continue watching the greatest game in the universe and the greatest players in the world, the NBA. Thank the Good Lord for all of your blessings and pray for the less fortunate.

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