In all of my years involved in basketball I’ve never seen anything bad happen when a player shot fakes. The shot fake is a sure way to get a defender off balance, out of the play or to commit a foul. The reason shot fakes are so affective is that every defender wants to block shots, so they over react to the fake and become off balance, leave their feet or foul. Coaches spend so much time in practice on closeouts and then in a game the players fly past the shooter whenever they use a shot fake. I remember my first coach told us that if we ever block a shot we were going to the bench. I know what you are thinking, “that’s crazy he just made a great block.” Yes, that’s true on this particular play but how many other times did the player go for the shot fake and put his teammates at a disadvantage or fouled the shooter. My coach preached to try and get the shooter’s shot line off and get a hand in his face. Don’t leave your feet and then you can block out the shooter. Oh I forgot nobody does that anymore either. Players need to play more with their heads. How many times do you see a player go for a shot fake that comes from a player that can’t shoot. There are certain players that you want to shoot. Then you see a small guy leaving his feet trying to block a taller player’s shot and the taller player is so much more athletic. Play hard and play smart. Remember to tell your loved ones how much you love them and how special they are to you. And always Praise the LORD. Thanks for reading take care and God Bless. My shooting app will be available soon. It looks great, the graphics are so vibrant and it will be so useful to players on all levels.

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