Well the regular season has come to an end and the playoffs got started on Saturday. You could not have asked for a better weekend of basketball. All the games were good on Saturday and Sunday. So far the only blowout has been game two of the Heat/76ers series. Even though the game was not close you still have to watch because you never know what DWade or Lebron will do at any given moment. DWade crossing up Evan Turner was more exciting than anything that happened over Final Four weekend. Chicago and Indiana the games have been close, DRose is playing like an MVP. Atlanta and Orlando how about Dwight making FT’s. He doesn’t have much help. What ever happened to Gilbert Arenas? This series is all tied up at one game a piece. Boston versus the Knicks another good one last night. The Knicks fought hard but couldn’t finish the game. Boston comes up big when it counts the most. KG makes shot gets stop, game over. Melo bounced back after horrible game one performance. Amare’s back gave out from carrying the team the entire season. In the West the Lakers are down one game versus the Hornets, game two should be very interesting. Is Kobe complaining more and more to the officials? Dallas is up two games to none versus the Trailblazers. I am happy for former Wizards BWood, CB and DSteve. I miss you guys and best of luck. Denver and OKC is a very interesting series, with OKC getting game one. Great to see Coach Karl back on the sidelines and coaching against one of his former assistants, Scottie Brooks. Memphis did not back down against the Spurs and I don’t expect them to. Huge win in Texas, RJ had a wide open three but came up empty. Will Manu be back for game two? I hope everyone is enjoying the playoffs as much as I am. Enjoy the rest of the first round. I’m loving life right now, spending time in Florida with the family and watching the games at night. The Good Lord is awesome, let Him know that.

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