It amazes me how players on all different levels are unable to make shots. They consistently miss FT’s and open jumpers from 15 feet. Yet they think they can make it from farther out, the dreaded three point shot. If you can’t make a 15′ shot, what makes you think that you can make a shot from 19’9″? You would think that players would be knock down shooters with everything that they have to “IMPROVE” shooting. First off there are hundreds of “shooting coaches” listening to some of them makes me confused and I thought I knew something about shooting. How did some of these guys become “shooting coaches”? But then again I wonder how some coaches became coaches too. Then there are the shooting devices the “Gun” and “Dr. Dish” where a player can get up hundreds of shots in a short period of time. There is “Noah’s Arc”, big balls, balls with stripes, balls with hands on them, balls with electronic devices, smaller rims, shooting gloves, video, etc… I think you get the picture. If players have all of this at their hands, why then aren’t there any great shooters? The reason is that everyone is looking for an easy fix. Reggie Miller summed it up and said that kids just don’t put the necessary time in to work on their shots. Reggie’s shot wasn’t the prettiest but it sure went in, he became a great shooter because he worked at it. MAKE SHOTS NOT EXCUSES! Reggie’s three point record will shortly be broken by Ray Allen. Who is out there to break Reggie’s and Ray’s records?

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