What a finish last night in Cleveland. We escaped with a one point victory and now come home for game six on Friday night. It was a hard fought game and Caron Butler really stepped up and showed why he is an all star. AD was huge for us, once again pressuring their guards and hitting several big shots during the course of the game. He has been a true professional throughout the year and when he was out we really struggled.  AD is far from 100% but his effort is always 100%. It was a must win for us, as is Friday’s game. I feel good about Friday’s game because I believe that the crowd will have our guys really fired up. Also I am expecting big games from Antawn and Brendan. I think that everyone will play up to their potential and it will result in a Wizards victory.

    Our guys never quit, being down by five with less than two minutes to go and Cleveland had the ball. The Wizards pulled it out like they have done all season. It was a ture team effort. Eddie Jordan has done a remarkable job all year long, with this bunch of guys and the players have never quit or given up. The greatest part of the game was when the final buzzer sounded and the Cleveland crowd was stunned in silence. It amazes me to hear what some of these people say to the coaches and players at the games. I guess fans figure that they spend alot of money for a ticket and that entitles them to say whatever they want to the players and coaches.

    Now we have to get ready for game six in our house. I hope that my wife can make it to that game. She is currently in California on some business. It would be great for her to experience a playoff game. Carole, McKenna and Jess left right before the playoffs to head home to Boothbay Harbor for the summer. They all watch the games with friends and family, rooting for the Wizards. No one roots harder for them than my aunts Jean, Joey and Wezzy. I am truly blessed to have a wonderful family and a great group of friends.

   God Bless, and watch Friday night.

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