I hope everyone had a very happy, safe and healthy Thanksgiving. It was great being home, not traveling anywhere or any game to play. It was my first Thanksgiving at Boothbay Harbor, ME. UCONN won the Maui Classic. Congratulations to the HUSKIES coaching staff and players. How about Kemba Walker, he has been playing at another level, it doesn’t matter who he is playing against, he is putting points on the board. The HEAT are struggling as they are trying to find their way. Many people are surprised by their early struggles and some are not. It is tough to get three guys together who were all the MAN on their previous teams. Now they must share the ball and the limelight. This is easier said than done. LeBron and DWade are used to having the ball, when one doesn’t have it the other looks lost. If and when they figure it out they will be scary and fun to watch. The HEAT have also lost players to injuries. Speaking of injuries there have been alot this season. None more devasting than Greg Oden’s. This guys entire career has been one injury after another. You have to feel sorry for him and all that he’s been through. Now he has time to send pictures of himself to adoring fans. On the other hand Blake Griffin has returned from being injured and he is a monster. Saw him play in Denver and he plays hard, hits the floor for loose balls and is a physical speciman. Blake is fearless in attacking the rim and going after rebounds. I enjoy watching him and the way he plays. Could use some work on his jumper and at the line, but who doesn’t. Hopefully the Clips can get healthy and get better. You could say that every year about them. High School ball has started up and I went to a scrimmage the other day and neither team talked on defense, they did scream for the ball on the offensive end when they were open or clap their hands. Kids don’t talk anymore because of their upbringing. They text message, IM, fax, facebook etc.. their is no verbal communication. Guys you need to talk to one another and let your teammate know that there is a screen, that you have his man, that you are switching, that you need help. TALK on the floor. I will be heading to Florida on the 13th and will be there until the 22nd in the FT Lauderdale and Miami area. Maybe I will catch a couple of games or practices on the HS, COLLEGE or PRO LEVEL. Take care and don’t put on alot of weight eating leftovers.

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