I sure do miss NBA basketball. To get my fix, I’ve been watching NBATV and seeing all of the old classics. MJ, Kareem, Bird, Magic, DR. J, etc… it sure brings back some memories. The thing with the classics is that I already know who won and in most cases know what happens next, because I’ve seen the games before: several times. Just not the same as watching a “live” game on TV where you don’t know the outcome, the winner, the loser, the hero, the goat. The talks seem to be going nowhere, even after they brought a mediator in, nothing seems to have changed. I thought for sure that something positive would’ve come out at that time. Boy, was I wrong. Now it seems as if another two weeks of the season are down the drain. College basketball will be starting soon and I am afraid that a lot of NBA fans will be getting their hoops fix by watching the college game. I wonder if all the guys that left school early are happy with their decision now. My hat goes off to the players that stayed. The one and done needs to be done away with. Let the kids come out of High School if they think they are good enough.  When the kids stay in college longer it improves the college game as well as the pro game. Last year’s NCAA FINAL UCONN and BUTLER was not enjoyable to watch, to say the least. One of  reasons being there was only one sure fire pro on the floor Kemba Walker. Better players on the floor equals a better product to watch. UCONN has some future pros from that team but right now only Kemba is an NBA player. On BUTLER’S team Shelvin Mack was a second round pick, so he is not guaranteed an NBA contract or roster spot. If you go back to the NCAA FINALS of previous years, I’m sure there were more future NBA players on the floor than one. With the lockout going on, we have seen players go to CHINA, EUROPE, etc.. where else are they going to play. During the summer there was no Summer League in Vegas. Eventually there was the  IMPACT basketball league, which was a joke, no defense, no stars, no crowds it looked more like a glorified AND ONE game. The other games that the players play in is the same thing.Nobody wants to watch basketball that isn’t real basketball. We need the coaches, players, GM’s and all the story lines that go with the season. We shouldn’t be talking lockout, we should be talking about Dwight, LeBron, Kobe, KD and who has the best shot at winning this year. I’m tired of hearing about BRI, hard cap, soft cap, flex cap. I want to hear about pick and rolls, jumpshots and even dunks. Both sides need to get real and in touch with what is happening in the world and in the US with our economy. Thank the Good Lord for our health and for having a job that we love. NBA BASKETBALL I LOVE IT!

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