Sitting here in the US Airways club room. They weren’t going to let me sit in there without paying for a membership. It seems the airlines are charging for everything these days. I just paid two dollars for a coke on the flight from Portland, ME to Philadephia. The flight was delayed leaving ME, so I missed my connection and they want two dollars for a coke. At check in it now costs fifteen dollars for the first bag and $25 for the second. That is each way. So in addition to paying close to $1,800 for a ticket they nickel and dime you to death.

   Now that I missed my connection I will not get into Vegas on time to Tim Grguvich’s camp. I HATE BEING LATE!!!!! No longer in a first class seat but a middle seat. Is this deja’ vu again. Just the other week on US AIRWAYS the same thing happened. Flight was canceled in DC then took a bus to Philly. First class to middle seat in coach. Then last week from Charlotte to Portland the flight was 3 hours late. I haven’t had much luck flying on this airline. What’s the sense of paying for a first class ticket and then get a middle seat. No one seems to care, or are they willing to try and do something about it. I have flown alot of airlines and this one may be the worst.

   In the past I always tried to fly CONTINENTAL and I just acheived my million miles flown on that airline. I know this because they sent me a tag saying so. CONTINENTAL was the best at one time, but they have fallen in the customer service department as well. CONTINENTAL has gone down hill ever since the new guy took over for them. I had been a platinum memeber for years and in 2007 I flew 72,500 miles up until September. I only needed 2,500 miles to maintain my platinum status but I didn’t reach as I joined the Wizards and stopped flying. Never heard a word, email, letter to see why I stopped flying. Nineteen years I was a loyal CONTINENTAL flyer. Now I get elite status the rest of my life. SILVER ELITE which is like not flying at all. Thank you CONTINENTAL what a great gift to give a millionmile flyer. How touching. (I am being sarcastic.) Can’t wait for my next flight with you guys.

    It seems to me nobody cares any longer. People are treated poorly and the airlines don’t care. Flying is a hassle and if I never fly again that would be alright with me. It seems like everyone has had their full of the airlines, but what do you do if you have to travel. My word to travelers is good luck. As I am blogging I hear people on their phones talking about their flying experiences and none of them are positive.

    Now that is off my chest, sorry to vent to my readers all two of them. (Brian and Pringle)

    I am actually surprised that people log on to the site to read what I have to say. To them a GREAT BIG THANK YOU. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I enjoy writing it.

    Now if I only could get to Vegas on time. I even tried to see if I could get out of Boston. I was willing to drive down there from Portalnd but no luck there either. I tried to see if other airlines would work, other routes, etc…. no luck, so now I am stuck.

    I am looking forward to working camp and see what players will be there. I will write from Vegas, if I ever get there. Happy traveling. The thing that always gets me mad is that the airlines never compensate you for your time that is lost and can never be retrieved. I wish that I could get all of my time back and spend it with my wife and daughter. Remember this, that our time is precious and so is everyone else’s.

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