This past Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday and i was on a flight from Portland, Maine to Moses Lake, Washington. My flights were as follows Portland to Newark, Newark to Seattle and Seattle to Moses Lake. On the flight from Newark to Seattle I was able to watch the Super Bowl. Congratulations to the Saints. Watching the game sure made the trip go quickly.I was on this trip to Washington to go and speak to a couple of High Schools in eastern Washington. Ben Addink the head girls coach at ACH High School contacted me about coming out and speaking to his girls team and also if I would speak at Ephrata HS as well. Ben said that when he was a player growing up he remembered me doing my shooting demo at several camps that he attended and that it was inspirational to him. I have never been to this part of Washington state but I am looking forward to coming back and doing a camp or clinic there. The girls at Ben’s school were very attentive and I wish them luck in the upcoming games. After speaking at ACH it was off to Ephrata High School to speak to all of their basketball teams. They had a nice turnout and the kids asked some very good questions after the demo. At ACH I shot 408 for 412 and Ephrata I shot 497 for 505. It was a pleasure coming out to Washington and the people were all so nice and friendly. Then it was off to get a bowl of soup and some sleep. I had a 5:35 AM flight out of Moses Lake the next morning. I was up and ready to go as was my man Ben. Got to the airport thru security and then they said the flight was going to be delayed two hours. Now I am missing my connection from Seattle to Denver and then Denver to Eagle, CO. The joy of traveling. It would’ve been nice to have slept in or to have had breakfast with Ben. Thank goodness I had a book to read and I have a book to write. Once I got to Seattle I had more time to sit and wait. Almost three hours. The flight to Denver went well and now all I had to do in Denver was wait again for another flight. I thought of driving to Eagle but I was too tired. Got to Eagle at 7:15 PM I should’ve been there at 2:40 PM then when I did arrive no bag. Isn’t traveling fun.  The bag finally arrived at 11:15 pm when I was sound asleep.Too bad they don’t have hoops up at the gates, then I could’ve gotten some shots up. Remember to enjoy each day and live it to the fullest. Tell your loved ones how much they mean to you.  Take care and God Bless.

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