January has been a very busy month for me. Started out in Florida after leaving Toronto. Was in Melbourne, Florida for a few days and got to see my good friend John Reynolds (women’s coach Florida Tech). Then it was back to Boothbay Harbor for a couple of days. It is always nice to get home and spend time there with my wife and daughter. Then it was off to Vail, CO to do some work. While I was working my wife did a little skiing and McKenna went to ski school. I myself never learned how to ski and I am not about to learn at this stage of my life. After a week in Vail it was time to get home for a few more days and then it was back down to Florida. This trip was to Naples and during my time there I ran into Rollie Massimino who is now coaching at Northwood University in West Palm Beach, FL. Coach Mass let me speak to the team for a couple of minutes at his shootaround. It is nice to get away from the cold and get down to the Sunshine state for a little while, but I also miss my wife and daughter when I am traveling alone. Would much rather be with them. Everybody tells me that kids grow up too fast and that is so true. McKenna is four already, hard to believe. I try to cherish and treasure every moment. By not being in the NBA (fulltime) it gives me the opportunity to spend more time with my family. I am so blessed to be able to do what I am doing but also to be able to spend time with the family. This past week I was on my way to Louisville to do a corporate speaking engagement and had a five and a half hour delay due to bad weather in Newark. I should’ve been in Louisville on Monday afternoon but instead I got to the hotel around 10:30 pm. When I got to Newark I ran into coach Tom Green (former coach at FDU) and he was also traveling to Louisville. Coach Green is a great guy and I hope to see him back on the sidelines soon. I cannot thank him enough for always having me at his basketball camps. It was nice to talking with him and getting to spend time with him. On Tuesday I did my speaking engagement and then it was off to the airport to catch a flight back to Maine. Needless to say the flight back to Maine was delayed as well. Last night which was Friday night I spoke to a group of kids in Morristown, NJ. There were approximately 50 boys and girls there grades 4 thru 8. They were a very good group, they listened and worked hard. That is all you can ask of anyone. Today I will be back there as well with a different bunch of kids. Looking forward to it. The guys that organized this trip Ralph and Tom Ferrara really care about the kids and basketball. It is people like Ralph and Tom that do so much but don’t get any credit for their efforts. There are so many people like them in every community and organization, that donate their time, effort and money and get no recognition or thanks. Here is a great big THANKS to them.When I am finished today I will head down to Keyport, NJ exit 117 off the Parkway to have dinner with my Aunt Jo and Aunt Wez. I will spend the night with my Aunt Wez and then it will be off to Mt. Laurel on Sunday for another clinic. Then I will be head back home to Maine. It has been a very busy January, but not as busy as it is in the NBA.The Raptors have been playing some very good ball of late. Keep up the good work guys. They have had some very impressive wins over the Lakers, Heat and then a come from behind victory against the Knicks after playing the night before.So far for the month of January I have taken 1,211 shots and made 1,202 for a percentage of 99.25 during my lectures. Take care and God Bless, pray for all of those who need it.

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