There was alot of talk about alot of trades that didin’t happen. There also was alot of activity too. In Washington DC, the Wizards cleaned house. They got rid off two all stars and some very professional guys. I am so happy for DSTEVE, Caron Butler, BWOOD for going to a winning team in Dallas. I know that the losing was wearing on them. Now they are with a playoff team and I expect them to do well there. Then there is Antawn Jameson going to the Cleveland Cavaliers. This is a blessing for him, Antawn has a chance to pay with LeBron James, SHAQ and a shot at a title. He must be ecstatic. I am sure all of the guys will be positive influences on their new teammates. Dominic McGuire gets to go out west to Sacramento, I am happy for him as he is a California guy.  The only guys left in DC from when I was there are Andray Blatche, Nick Young and JaVale McGee. I wish nothing but the best for Mike James who is waiting for a buyout so he can move on to another team. Mike is another veteran who works his tail off. Good luck to you as well. The season is coming down to the last month and a half, as always it will be an exciting time to see who makes the playoffs. Well I’m off to Belfast, Northern Ireland to play in an Old Timers Game with my teammates from when I played over there in the eighties. I never thought that I would be in an Old Timers Game because I never thought I was Old or considered myself old. What was I thinking? Time doesn’t wait for anyone. Hope everyone that plays in the game has fun (which they will) and avoids injuries (not sure about this). We are definitely not in the shape that we used to be.  I return from Ireland on the 1st of March I will keep everyone posted on my trip. Take care and God Bless.

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