It’s great to be back in the gym. We have the 18th and 48th picks this year. Workouts started yesterday and we brought in six guys to workout, had another six today. On both days we have had four bigs and two smalls. We take the bigs at one basket and put the smalls at another. They do skill work for their positions. The workouts consisted of shooting, footwork, one on one and some three on three. The players on both days have done a very good job of working hard and playing hard. In reality they are interviewing for a job. Their interview is done in front of a number of people. First of all they are with their peers, then you have the front office people, scouts, coaches, media etc…

    On Monday we will bring in another six guys. we have to bring in alot of players because alot can happen at our draft position. Players move up and down the mock draft ladder each day. As a team you need to have all of your bases covered. The workouts will continue for the next two weeks and then the draft is on the 26th of June.

    Ran into Gil, Caron and Andray today at the Verizon Center, they were getting some work done in the weight room. It is good to see that our guys are staying in shape and workin on their bodies. Now I need to work on mine.

     It was great seeing all the coaches. Once we were together it was like we’ve never been apart. Some of the guys went to Orlando to watch the pre draft camp. Now everyone is here for the workouts and then we will have to get ready for the summer league. Our roster will consist of our draft picks, free agents and then some of our roster players. So far Nick, Dominic, Pech and Andray want to play.

     Stay tuned for more off season stuff.


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