iHopla Phone App

My phone app is finally available on ITunes. You can download it here. It really is a great app, especially for any coach or player that wants to keep track of shot makes and attempts. When you see yourself improving then you gain confidence, confidence leads to success and success leads to confidence it’s an ongoing cycle. Once a player sees that they are improving then they want to practice more.With the phone app it’s really easy to track your shots, just click on the drill and punch in the number of shots that it takes you to make 10. It is a 500 make workout. Anyone can take 500 shots but how many are willing to work to make 500. This workout should take anyone just under 2 hours to complete if they hustle, if they have someone passing then the time is even shorter.A special thanks goes out to Andrew, Brian, Chris and Ryan without their hard work, research and passion this project never would have taken place. You guys are the best and words cannot express how thankful and grateful I am to you guys. A great job by a group of great guys.I have been using the phone app workout and find it to be fun, challenging and a great workout. Each day I try to get one shot better as well as trim some time off of the workout.When I do my spot shooting I use the HS 3 point line and the NBA 3 point line. Yesterday I was 500/528 and it took me 1 hour and 33 minutes. Today I was 500/527 and completed the workout in 1 hour and 31 minutes. That’s with me getting my own shots. So I was one shot better and I was 2 minutes quicker with the workout. Hope you enjoy the workout and challenge of getting better as much as I do.Some reviews are in and most are positive and naturally some are negative. The most common negative comments are that there is only one workout. This is true, but before you can advance and upgrade your workout you must be able to knock down shots from straight on and moving left to right as well as right to left off of the bounce as well as off of a pass. Everyone wants to get to the more difficult shots like a step back and they can’t even hit an open shot.The good news is that I am creating more apps for those who want more than one workout. This workout that is on my app is a workout that I use with players on all levels and I never let them go to something more difficult until they can do the basics. Most players want to go to the penthouse without rising from the basement. Becoming a great shooter is a process. If you can complete this workout in less than 580 then you should start thinking about adding more advanced moves and shots.Thanks to everyone that has purchased the app, spread the good word. if you haven’t already purchased the app, what are you waiting for? I am also working on getting the app ready for the Droid.Remember to give thanks to the Good Lord for all of your blessings. Again to get iHopla, DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

Tracking Shots and Your Progress

If anyone has seen me lecture over the years they know that I always ask for “someone to catch the ball out of the net” and a scorekeeper. I do not use the term “rebounder” rebounder’s get shots that don’t go in. The scorekeeper keeps track of my shots during my shooting demonstration. Over the years I have had many scorekeepers but none have ever been as detailed as my main man, Mike Procopio. Mike not only keeps track of the shots, he also grades the passer, gives the weather conditions and updates the current events. I have known Mike for quite some time now and I am blessed to have him as my friend. When I am not lecturing, I am practicing. Whenever I practice I keep track of my shots. By doing this I can see the improvement that I am making. Started doing this a very long time ago when I was a junior in high school. When you keep track of your shots and set goals for yourself you are becoming serious about becoming a better basketball player. Most players do not have a clue as to how to workout, what to work on, how many shots to take. How many players actually bring a notebook to the courts or the gym? Hardly any basketball players do this, but if you go to a health club or weight room the majority of the people are writing down what they are doing, how much weight they are lifting and how many reps they do. In all of my years coaching basketball, running camps, speaking and traveling the world I have seen about a dozen notebooks. I guess I wasn’t getting through to anyone. Kids would give me all kinds of excuses as to why they didn’t have them. They forgot to put it in their backpack, lost it, lost the pen or pencil, etc.. Some said they felt stupid writing things down. Now players will be able to record all of their workouts and shots on their phones. No more excuses. When you track or chart your shots, you will not only see the improvement because you are tracking it, but you will also gain confidence. If you never chart your shots how will you ever know if you are getting better? When you see yourself getting better, you will want to practice more. You need to see the numbers to keep you motivated and from becoming bored. My new app will eliminate the excuses and notebooks. Look for it soon on iTunes. Should be out real soon. Will keep you posted. Remember Sunday is Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there. Mom I miss you so much, not a day goes by that I don’t think of you.


Well the regular season has come to an end and the playoffs got started on Saturday. You could not have asked for a better weekend of basketball. All the games were good on Saturday and Sunday. So far the only blowout has been game two of the Heat/76ers series. Even though the game was not close you still have to watch because you never know what DWade or Lebron will do at any given moment. DWade crossing up Evan Turner was more exciting than anything that happened over Final Four weekend. Chicago and Indiana the games have been close, DRose is playing like an MVP. Atlanta and Orlando how about Dwight making FT’s. He doesn’t have much help. What ever happened to Gilbert Arenas? This series is all tied up at one game a piece. Boston versus the Knicks another good one last night. The Knicks fought hard but couldn’t finish the game. Boston comes up big when it counts the most. KG makes shot gets stop, game over. Melo bounced back after horrible game one performance. Amare’s back gave out from carrying the team the entire season. In the West the Lakers are down one game versus the Hornets, game two should be very interesting. Is Kobe complaining more and more to the officials? Dallas is up two games to none versus the Trailblazers. I am happy for former Wizards BWood, CB and DSteve. I miss you guys and best of luck. Denver and OKC is a very interesting series, with OKC getting game one. Great to see Coach Karl back on the sidelines and coaching against one of his former assistants, Scottie Brooks. Memphis did not back down against the Spurs and I don’t expect them to. Huge win in Texas, RJ had a wide open three but came up empty. Will Manu be back for game two? I hope everyone is enjoying the playoffs as much as I am. Enjoy the rest of the first round. I’m loving life right now, spending time in Florida with the family and watching the games at night. The Good Lord is awesome, let Him know that.


In all of my years involved in basketball I’ve never seen anything bad happen when a player shot fakes. The shot fake is a sure way to get a defender off balance, out of the play or to commit a foul. The reason shot fakes are so affective is that every defender wants to block shots, so they over react to the fake and become off balance, leave their feet or foul. Coaches spend so much time in practice on closeouts and then in a game the players fly past the shooter whenever they use a shot fake. I remember my first coach told us that if we ever block a shot we were going to the bench. I know what you are thinking, “that’s crazy he just made a great block.” Yes, that’s true on this particular play but how many other times did the player go for the shot fake and put his teammates at a disadvantage or fouled the shooter. My coach preached to try and get the shooter’s shot line off and get a hand in his face. Don’t leave your feet and then you can block out the shooter. Oh I forgot nobody does that anymore either. Players need to play more with their heads. How many times do you see a player go for a shot fake that comes from a player that can’t shoot. There are certain players that you want to shoot. Then you see a small guy leaving his feet trying to block a taller player’s shot and the taller player is so much more athletic. Play hard and play smart. Remember to tell your loved ones how much you love them and how special they are to you. And always Praise the LORD. Thanks for reading take care and God Bless. My shooting app will be available soon. It looks great, the graphics are so vibrant and it will be so useful to players on all levels.


Great time of the year for all you hoopheads. High Schools have finished up their season and the champions have been crowned. Now it is time for the NCAA to get ready for the Final Four in Houston. The NBA teams are jockeying for playoff position and then they have the start of their playoffs in April. The NBA playoffs last forever. It has been a very interesting NCAA tournament, starting out with 68 teams. As always people are crying about who made the tournament and who didn’t. The Big East is over rated and the Pac 10 is down. There have been upsets, bone headed coaching decisions and bad officiating. Coaches are fired, leave their programs, etc… Doesn’t this happen every year in the NCAA tournament?It gives us something to talk about and argue about. Just enjoy the games and cheer your team on. It was great to see the TV networks carrying all of the games. You could see any team or player that you wanted. I didn’t even know that I had TruTV. Then people were in an uproar because the pro TV analysts were doing college games and were in the studio giving their insight. I would rather listen to them than to listen to the fan that fills out a bracket and thinks he knows everything because he is in the office pool. Enjoy the games and keep your expertise to your self. Congratulations to the teams that are still playing in the Elite Eight. The major college programs are being represented by Kansas, UCONN, Kentucky, UNC, Arizona and Florida. Butler is still dancing  and then there’s VCU a team that a lot of experts felt shouldn’t be in the tournament. Enjoy the games and remember there will be only one team cutting down the nets in Houston. When the final whistle blows many of you won’t watch another game until next year’s tournament, yet you consider yourselves experts on the game. I know when the Final Four is over I will continue watching the greatest game in the universe and the greatest players in the world, the NBA. Thank the Good Lord for all of your blessings and pray for the less fortunate.


Wow, how crazy was the last day of the trading deadline. There were all kinds of surprises. Deron Williams to the Nets. Did anyone have that on their radar? The GM’s were busy making trades to better their rosters or to dump contracts or get something for a player (now) than to lose him via free agency. I’m still trying to figure out who is playing for who. Now there are buyouts, waivers, etc.. Crazy happenings in the NBA. What does the future hold for the league? Will there be a lockout? Contraction? Talk of contracts that have already been signed being re-negotiated? I’m sure that will go over big with the players and the agents. If there is a lockout, how long will it be for? Will players go overseas? Will foreign teams want to basically rent a player? So many questions and so few answers. Stay tuned.


I am excited about being able to hold my college camp once again. Due to rules by the NBA I was unable to have the camp because I was coaching in the NBA over the past several years. This year’s camp will be held at Haverford College in Haverford, PA. The camp dates are August 19-21. Have been getting a lot of inquiries about the camp already. Please keep checking this website for more info. I will have all of the info posted shortly. This camp will be limited to 20 players. The staff will once again be outstanding. Coach Mike Mucci of Haverford will be working camp along with Mike O’Koren former assistant coach in the NBA. If you have any questions email me or call 1-800-993 SHOT.

Congratulations Ray Allen

Well it was only a matter of time before Ray Allen broke Reggie Miller’s all time three point record. Who is currently in the NBA that will break Ray’s record? What makes Ray so special is his work ethic and attention to detail. I still remember the first time I met Ray at UCONN. He was in his first year there. But you could already see that he had incredible focus and paid attention to detail. He watched everything that I did and listened to everything that I said. Lazar like focus. If you want to be great at something there are no shortcuts and you must be disciplined and focused. It is one thing to say that you want to be great and something else to actually become great. Ray has always been able to shoot the ball and he continually looks for ways to improve. He doesn’t take days off, he takes care of himself, watches what he eats, gets his rest and is constantly in motion. If you want to be a shooter you have to know how to play without the ball. Reggie and Ray two of the best shooters as well as two of the best moving without the ball. If you work hard to get open you will have your share of open looks and if you know how to run players off of screens you will get more open shots. Young kids have no clue as to how to play the game of basketball when it is not in their hands. A few years ago I was back at Coach Calhoun’s camp doing my shooting demo and I look over to my right and who is sitting there on the floor in the first row, wide eyed, focused as if he will pick up one more little tid bit to make him better shooter. None other than Ray Allen. Ray continue doing your thing and adding to your total.


It amazes me how players on all different levels are unable to make shots. They consistently miss FT’s and open jumpers from 15 feet. Yet they think they can make it from farther out, the dreaded three point shot. If you can’t make a 15′ shot, what makes you think that you can make a shot from 19’9″? You would think that players would be knock down shooters with everything that they have to “IMPROVE” shooting. First off there are hundreds of “shooting coaches” listening to some of them makes me confused and I thought I knew something about shooting. How did some of these guys become “shooting coaches”? But then again I wonder how some coaches became coaches too. Then there are the shooting devices the “Gun” and “Dr. Dish” where a player can get up hundreds of shots in a short period of time. There is “Noah’s Arc”, big balls, balls with stripes, balls with hands on them, balls with electronic devices, smaller rims, shooting gloves, video, etc… I think you get the picture. If players have all of this at their hands, why then aren’t there any great shooters? The reason is that everyone is looking for an easy fix. Reggie Miller summed it up and said that kids just don’t put the necessary time in to work on their shots. Reggie’s shot wasn’t the prettiest but it sure went in, he became a great shooter because he worked at it. MAKE SHOTS NOT EXCUSES! Reggie’s three point record will shortly be broken by Ray Allen. Who is out there to break Reggie’s and Ray’s records?